Camp CARPA 2013

A group of artists, representing the best minds in American defense, were contracted by CARPA to investigate some of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most challenging technological hurdles. From an impressive pool of proposals, 17 projects have been chosen. The team managers will investigate areas aligning with CARPA’s future program directions and were chosen with the ultimate goal of going beyond current research and providing new paths forward to realize tomorrow’s national security capabilities. CARPA hopes these contractees, who are some of the most promising researchers in the field, will help accelerate CARPA program research while providing new ideas and a fresh perspective.  Representatives deployed to the Shangri La base in Joshua Tree, CA from October 16th to the 19th 2013.


Camp CARPA is generously supported by the California State Univerisity at Los Angeles and the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design.


Participating artists included:

  • Solomon Bothwell              Los Angeles, CA
  • Johnnie Jungleguts           Los Angeles, CA
  • Jack Heard                           Los Angeles, CA
  • Steven Frost                          Los Angeles, CA
  • Jordan Wayne Long          Los Angeles, CA
  • Theo Knox                            Los Angeles, CA
  • Jemima Wyman                  Los Angeles, CA
  • Lauren Ross                         Los Angeles, CA
  • Stephanie Syjuco                 Oakland, CA
  • Marnia Johnston               Concord, CA
  • Josh Short                            San Francisco, CA
  • Jennifer Leary                     Raleigh, NC
  • Betsy Greer                           Arlington, VA
  • Katie McGowan                  Detroit, MI
  • Jon Winet                             Iowa City, IA
  • Rob Mertens                        New Franken, WI
  • Corkey Sinks                        Chicago, IL
  • Lisa Vinebaum                    Chicago, IL
  • Ellen Rothenberg               Chicago, IL
  • Christine Tarkowski         Chicago, IL
  • Marci McDade                    Portland, OR
  • Anna Gray                            Portland, OR
  • Ryan Paulsen                      Portland, OR

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2 Responses to “Camp CARPA 2013”

Becky Mullens
October 15, 2013

I live in Joshua Tree, Ca and I was walking by a shop that has a small poster size flyer about Carpa, more specifically about the Recruiting Event on October 16-19 2013.

The flyer doesn’t really go into detail, from the image on the poster it appears as though your company is looking for people to use the machines w/headphones that are hovered over the dirt/sand to find buried treasures! But when I looked
up your Website, it appears to be a lot more complicated and challenging than just pointing something to the ground and wait for it to alert you when there is something valuable in underneath the ground. So between the poster and your Website, I am a bit confused on who or what you are trying to Recruit!?!?

Thank you
Becky Mullens

Director SMO
October 16, 2013

CARPA recruits the best young craft minds in the United States, dedicating its contracted efforts to improving the state of craft technology in the free West and seeking to impair the operations of enemy craft terrorists.

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