CARPA-Deering Agreement to Develop Future Warfare Banjos

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Tactical Axe-Banjo

Tactical Axe-Banjo

CARPA and Deering, the epitome of US hand-made banjos, recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on a joint CARPA/Deering research and development program called “HEHAW-2” on the future of Warfare Banjos (often called WaBs). This joint effort builds upon the existing work of CARPA’s Haptic Emergence Hipster Exploitation Warfare program, which has been exploring long-endurance engagement with esoteric Appalachian folk music. After Deering’s success with the Goodtime Zombie Killer Banjo, enormously popular amongst lumberjack-esque crafters with excessive facial hair, HEHAW-2 opens new frontiers to craft warfare. Let’s hear that Foggy Mountain!

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