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CARPA Call for Participation

College Art Association (CAA) Conference 2018


The Crafts Advanced Research Projects Agency (CARPA) is seeking innovative and disruptive ideas that enhance United States military capabilities in the area of strategic technologies. At the College Art Association (CAA) conference, the directors will facilitate the broad presentation of U.S. craft capabilities, including both forceful conflicts and ambiguous “Gray Zone” conflicts. Proposed technologies and infiltration strategies can be designed to function in a variety of terrains, from current theaters of war, such as Syria and Iraq, to zones in which U.S. forces have more covert involvement, such as art or academic institutions (foreign and domestic).

The U.S. government has a long and proud history of dominating across all scales of conflict intensity. In this Request for Proposals (RFP), CARPA invites corporations and individuals to consider the impact of the craft strategies in building the strength of American soft power initiatives and inculcating American values both at home and abroad. Proposers may draw on the broad spectrum of previous CARPA-backed policy initiatives like studio craft, DIY, and the Back-to-the-land movement in order to transform these initiatives into game-changing technologies for U.S. national security.

As the U.S. Department of Defense continues to build its network of influence, it is poised to take an oversight position in relation to smaller government agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). CARPA invites both basic and applied research that will enable this transition.

To submit, please follow the guidelines in CAA’s call-for-participation or view the online version at


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crusted crafts

crusted crafts

Focussing on the recent developments in strategic soft power, CARPA is just launching operation Crust Crusade along the US west coast. The project aims to employ the popular subculture of crust punk to leverage the agenda of US-controlled capitalism under the cloak of aesthetic dissent and rebellion. Using western contractors, each with an agenda of domination within their markets, the DoD employs lifestyle infiltration to produce pro-NATO sentiments amongst dissident youth groups in the middle-east and former Soviet republics.

“We need a new sustainable paradigm to stay ahead of the moving targets of lifestyle,” said Sandra Svenson, CARPA designer and program manager. “With Crust Crusade, the goal is to develop new viral consumer practices that are effective against a broad spectrum of adversarial ideologies, to make sure our style supremacy co-evolves and outpace reactionary elements.” As demonstrated by Svenson, such practices employ a wide range of disseminated DIY activities, not least the famous pro-american crust pants.

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Experimental HUMLOOM at the drawing table

Experimental HUMLOOM at the drawing table

Competition for the scarce Craft Attention Spectrum (CrASp) is increasing, driven by a growing military and civilian demand for weaponized craft devices in times of global insecurity and crisis. As the spectrum becomes more congested, with more hand-crafted goods at the markets, the US and our allies will need better tools for managing the craft environment and for avoiding interference from other applied arts while competing at the global soft arms market. In the interest of global stability, there is an urgent need to innovate and securitize more of the crafts to protect the peace and lives of US citizens.

Over the last months, CARPA has funded a series of new advances into the development of soft weaponized crafts, recruiting exceptional artisans for high security development. This strategic move represents a major step forward and will help ensure the uninterrupted operation of US soft spectrum-dependent military capabilities. With the development of new securitized crafts and tools, CARPA will advance US interests into contested craft environments. Through CARPA’s ongoing partnership with various crafts institutions, as well as local artisans and manufacturers, new systems will be developed to better operate in the congested indy-craft spectrum.

Barry Clayassault, an organizer in the Pacific Northwest, has praised the new advance into securitizing crafts. “Craft is a verb, which combined with innovative techniques of soft domination and advanced fabrication will help us create world-class craft domination,” Clayassault said. “And we are already seeing exciting results within social practice, relational aesthetics and ‘alter-modern’ operations that closely match the developments in psy-ops, cyberwar and counterinsurgency. To use a craft expression; We’re gonna hammer em’”

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Until the recent strategic advances in crochet, the inaccuracies of individual stitches meant that patterns routinely ended up far from their intended designs, or worse, became imprecise “folk” works of art at the local craft fair. Now, with an ambitious new CARPA efforts and computational breakthroughs, the new program Expedited Crochet with Enhanced Stitch Stability (ECESS) is reaching the frontline of war-craft. Program manager Rennie McAardwark is heralding a modern-day breakthrough in atomic precision crochet stitches, analogous to the sub-atomic achievement in particle stitching and electron whittling at the labs at CERN. Not only will we soon see new Graphene-molecular sweatshirts for tech-Hipsters in Brooklyn or Portland, but more importantly, these new techniques will give warfighters enormous advantages related to camouflage, cunning and craftiness for extended operations after they last synchronized their stitches at their FOB or Stitch n’ Bitch. Semper Fiber!

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Understanding hipsters and nerdy crafters is essential for effective situational awareness in Military Crafts Operations (MiCrOps), and particularly in efforts that require close coordination with local communities, especially those hostile to new competing knitters, foodies and whittlers. CARPA officers on the ground frequently encounters languages and expressions they cannot comprehend and thus face extreme challenges in their operational theaters. However, with the new CARPA Craft Layman Language Learning System (CraLaLaLa) program, change is on its way to support emergent missions.

“The diversity of hipster crafts and their local dialects makes it virtually impossible to ensure that U.S. military personnel will be able to understand the situation on the ground when they go into new craft environments,” said Christian Cool, a CARPA program manager. “Through CraLaLaLa, we envision a system that could quickly pick out key information to provide immediate, evolving situational awareness in dynamic, difficult situations. This means not only understanding weird writing on over-pretentious Etsy shops, but especially those involving insecure devo teenagers chillaxing, armed with yarn and crochet needles, or pots and pans. Totes awks.”

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Tactical Axe-Banjo

Tactical Axe-Banjo

CARPA and Deering, the epitome of US hand-made banjos, recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on a joint CARPA/Deering research and development program called “HEHAW-2” on the future of Warfare Banjos (often called WaBs). This joint effort builds upon the existing work of CARPA’s Haptic Emergence Hipster Exploitation Warfare program, which has been exploring long-endurance engagement with esoteric Appalachian folk music. After Deering’s success with the Goodtime Zombie Killer Banjo, enormously popular amongst lumberjack-esque crafters with excessive facial hair, HEHAW-2 opens new frontiers to craft warfare. Let’s hear that Foggy Mountain!

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Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.25.52 PM

When planning your trip to the Camp CARPA Recruitment Fair, remember to consult the official CARPA survival guide for lists of things to bring with you and tips for dealing with the desert environment such as:

Psychology of Survival

Basic Survival Medicine

Building a Shelter

Water Procurement


Field-Expedient Weapons

Click here to download the PDF: CARPA Survival guide

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Director Von Busch, Frau Fiber, and Director Clugage lead the morning briefing

Director Von Busch, Frau Fiber, and Director Clugage lead the morning briefing

Camp CARPA begins today at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shangri La. Please consult this schedule to determine the optimum time for your visit.


700-900 hours  Breakfast

900-1000 hours  Morning Briefs

1000-1300 hours Individual Mission Deployments

1300-1400 hours Lunch

1400-1500 hours Directors-issued Challenge

1500-1700 hours Individual Mission Deployments

1700-1800 hours Cocktail Hour at the Officer’s Club

1800-1900 hours Dinner

1900-2000 hours Evening Briefs

2000-on Evening Entertainment


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Sun Tzu’s classic “The Craft of War” is now out in a new translation on Tuttle publishing, sponsored by the CARPA Warcraft Literacy Team (WarLiT). The book is an ancient Chinese treatise by Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general and artisan, strategist and tactician. The text is composed of 11 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warcraft. It is commonly known to be the definitive work on military and artisan strategy and tactics of its time and still is today. Its influence on Eastern and Western military thinking cannot be underestimated, as well as within other fields, such as business tactics, legal strategy and contemporary art. Today, the book has even increased relevance with craft practices emerging at the intersection of humanitarian craft projects, socially engaged arts and other soft operations within the arenas of US armed conflict.

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This serves as the official announcement that the dates for Camp CARPA’s 2013 installment have been changed. Camp CARPA will take place October 16-19 at the Shangri-La research and training facility in Joshua Tree, CA. As a contractor to U.S. Government Agencies, some of CARPA’s research will be presented to the public under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) after the information has been scanned through CARPA’s Public Release Center (PRC). As of orders from the Department of Defence (DoD):

“”DoD Instruction 5230.9 mandates a security and policy review of all official DoD information intended for public release that pertains to military matters, national security issues, or subjects of significant concern to the DoD. All DoD unclassified information (such as papers, presentations, videos, images, press releases, etc.) must be reviewed before it is released to the public.”

The Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Office of Freedom of Information is responsible for all CARPA FOIA requests. Due to the current conflict with unregulated and unconfirmed “leaks”, as of orders from the DoD, CARPA will limit its public presentations of research to October 18-19.

Please return to this site for more updates on how CARPA protects the values of the Free West, the US and our allies.

Written requests concerning CARPA information should be sent to: Office of Freedom of Information, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington, D.C., 20301-1155. Their phone number is (703) 696-4689.

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